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Controlled access to the MRI environment


Access to the MRI control room or beyond is controlled by MRI technologists or MRI radiologists


+ Importance of caution in the MRI environment

  • The MRI magnet is very powerful, capable of moving and dislodging ferro-magnetic objects of all sizes towards the field, potentially causing significant injury and/or death.1-3
    • Loose metallic objects can become projectiles in the presence of the strong static magnetic field, and are prohibited in the MRI magnet room1
    • Some implants/devices are unsafe and may cause harm to the individual


  • The magnet is always on, even if the facility has no power.

+ Access to the MRI environment

  • Only MRI technologists and MRI radiologists are authorized to freely access the MRI control room and magnet room.
    • Access for all other professionals is controlled by MRI technologists or MRI radiologists


  • MRI-safety standards dictate that any individual entering the MRI magnet room must be carefully screened using an MRI safety screening form and undergo a verbal double check.1-3
  • Performance of the screening is restricted to those with the necessary professional training in MRI-safety procedures.
  • If there are any questions or concerns, the MRI technologist or radiologist should be consulted.

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May 15, 2012


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