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Introduction to patient


MRTs introduce themselves to the patient and those with him/her by giving their name, occupation and role in the procedure and/or treatment


+ Importance of introductions

  • The first part of any patient interaction consists of introductions.
  • Patient trust is integral to successful care, and to patient satisfaction. Identifying oneself to the patient can help patients feel safer in the care of the MRT.1,2

+ The NOD approach

  • NOD (name, occupation, duty) is used in many hospitals across North America.1-3
  • This approach requires that each professional introduces themselves to the patient by giving their name, occupation and an explanation of what they are going to do.
  • For example: "Hello, my name is Jane, I am a medical radiation technologist specializing in (your specialty) and I will be performing your (examination/treatment)"
  • The NOD approach has been credited with improving patient satisfaction and used successfully in many organizations and businesses.3

+ References

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