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Administration of interventional agents (NM specific)


MRTs ensure a knowledge and understanding of a pharmacologic agent prior to its administration


+ Importance of specific knowledge

  • MRTs, within their scope of practice, administer or assist with the administration of various pharmacologic agents.
    • MRTs should be familiar with and adhere to the specific policies and procedures at their institution with regard to administration of pharmacologic agents
    • MRTs must have the appropriate authority at their institution to administer pharmacologic agents used in nuclear medicine


  • An MRT should not administer a pharmacologic agent if he/she does not have knowledge, skills and judgement to respond to potential adverse reactions.1
  • In order to safely administer pharmacologic agents, MRTs must be educated in and understand the following:2
    • Physiologic effect of the medication
    • Indications and contraindications
    • Dose calculation
    • Method of administration
    • Possible adverse reactions and the means of responding to them
    • Requirements for monitoring prior to, during and following the administration of an agent
    • Need for medical supervision/physician presence with a given agent

+ Reference information on individual agents

  • A departmental reference describing the information relevant to MRTs regarding individual agents (as described in Tab 1) is maintained.3
    • Current information on pharmacologic agents from authoritative sources (e.g., Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialities from Canada, US Pharmacopeia) are used to build this resource


  • The departmental reference is reviewed on a regular a basis to ensure the currency of its information.

+ References

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October 16, 2013


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