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Maintenance of CPR certification


MRTs maintain up-to-date certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)


+ The importance of CPR

  • The timely delivery of CPR can provide significant survival benefits.1
  • The quality of the CPR, ventilation and chest compressions, administered has also been shown to be of importance for survival.1
  • The majority of in-hospital cardiac arrests are witnessed events, making early CPR and defibrillation possible.
  • Specific requirements for CPR certification and recertification are currently set at the institutional level.

+ Regular recertification

  • A recent study estimates that actual survival rates for CPR are lower than expected since the CPR isn’t performed correctly – even by healthcare professionals.
  • Analysis of recent studies of CPR in healthcare facilities showed that learned CPR skills deteriorate significantly over time:2
    • The majority of skill deterioration seems to occur within the first year
    • Their recommendation was for refresher training every 6-12 months


  • In Canada, both the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and the St. John’s Ambulance recommend that healthcare professionals recertify in CPR on an annual basis for the best possible outcomes.3,4
    • Many institutions encourage their staff to recertify in CPR on an annual basis


  • In addition to the patient benefits, MRTs will also be kept up to date with new development in CPR methods and technique.

+ References

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May 25, 2012


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