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Patient history


Relevant patient history is obtained, reviewed and considered before an exam, procedure or treatment


+ Importance of patient history

  • The information gathered for a patient history varies according to the exam/procedure or stage within the treatment process.
  • Patient history influences how the procedure is performed and how pre-treatment planning proceeds.1-3
  • Patient history assists with the interpretation of the results/outcomes.1-3

+ Gathering a patient history

  • Patient history can be gathered from a medical record or the patient and/or caregiver.
  • The environment influences the history-taking process and how complete and informative the answers will be.4
  • The way information is gathered also affects the quality of the patient history:1-5
    • Find a private area to have discussions of a confidential nature
    • Explain to the patient and/or caregiver why this information is required and reassure them that information will only be shared with those involved in his/her medical care
    • Ensure the questions asked are worded to get the information you need, rephrase questions or ask follow-up questions if necessary
    • Listen to the patient’s answers and allow them to guide the interview and identify further investigation4
    • Before proceeding confirm the patient has addressed all questions and concerns he/she feels might be important for the healthcare team to know for this procedure/treatment


  • If the history has been taken by someone else, it is important to review and clarify pertinent information.

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October 31, 2011


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